Rinka Plate 20cm Olive

Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive
Rinka Plate 20cm Olive

Rinka Plate 20cm Olive

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Fumiya Tanaka

Made pottery in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture. The quiet and neat appearance makes it look like it could be placed in a Western cupboard.
Since October 2019, I have been studying under Taichi Abe, and have further expanded my range of expression. Currently, he is active both in Japan and overseas with the idea of ​​​​"dressing the space and everyday life with gentle colors."

perfect and imperfect beauty

Fumiya Tanaka Rinka Plate 20cm Olive

Of all the requests I made to Mr. Fumiya Tanaka this time, the one that attracted me the most was this Rinka plate. Petals of various sizes are arranged to flow, giving an overall elegant impression. The sculptural beauty of the West and the taste of Japanese imperfection are in harmony here. It is such a vessel that makes your spine straight just by using it.

I can't help but notice its beauty, but Mr. Tanaka also values ​​"the role of a vessel as a container." It is made a little thicker, so you can use it every day without hesitation.

Even the places you can't see are beautiful

Fumiya Tanaka The back of the plate

This is one of the points that I was impressed with. To be honest, it's a matter of glancing at the underside of the dishes when you wash them. But what I love about Mr. Tanaka's pottery is that he pays attention to even the invisible parts.

Petals are carved one by one from the back to match the petals on the front. It's a lot of work, but you can enjoy the comfortable feeling when you hold it and the beauty of the back side. The goodness of using the artist's pottery may be most manifested in this kind of last-minute part where you don't notice it or not.

You can choose from 3 colors

Fumiya Tanaka Rinka Plate 20 cm 3 colors

Pale gray like the winter sky, white that is easy to use for any occasion, and olive, which was made for the first time in a long time (I really like this color). You can choose from these three colors.

Mr. Tanaka's color expression is profound, and you can see different expressions depending on the viewing angle and your mood of the day, so please enjoy it at your leisure even after you receive it.

Rinka Plate 20cm Olive

material pottery
size Diameter about 20cm x height about 3.5cm
weight about 410g
correspondence Microwave oven (◯) / Dishwasher (△)
remarks Only household dishwashers without high-pressure washing can be used.
Since it is waterproof, there is no need to seal it.

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