7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme

7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme
7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme
7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme
7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme
7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme
7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme
7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme

7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme

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Takuya Ohara

Made pottery in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. The charm of this dish is that it has a gentle nuance that complements the food.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide range of decorations, including rippohiki, which Mr. Ohara says is his own design, as well as brush marks and hoes. It is a creator that makes you want to collect various expressions.

Dynamic decoration takes center stage at the dining table

A dynamic decoration that catches your eye. A technique called "Hakeme" is used for this. As the name suggests, white makeup is applied using a brush.

The amount, momentum, and angle of application determine the individuality of the vessel. Personally, I believe that the artist's feelings and personality are reflected in the pottery as it is. Please take it in your hand and imagine what kind of person Mr. Ohara is.

Takuya Ohara 7-inch shallow bowl brushed pattern

The size is 7 inches. It's a reliable size that can quickly serve side dishes for 2 to 3 people. Did I make a little too much? You can also have a simmered dish. Of course, it's OK to serve one serving. You can create a nice blank space, so you can create an elegant finish.

Also available in small size

Choose from two sizes. If the good thing about 7 sun is that it's spacious enough to accept anything, the good thing about 5.5 sun is that it doesn't take up too much space on the dining table. Choose your favorite according to your cooking style.

Takuya Ohara shallow bowl 7 sun 5.5 sun If you often share dishes on a platter, we recommend 7 sun, and if you often serve each person individually, we recommend 5.5 sun.

7 sun shallow bowl Hakeme

material pottery
size Diameter about 20.5cm x height about 6.5cm
weight about 495g
correspondence Microwave oven (×)/Dishwasher (◯)

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