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Miho Norimatsu

Miho Norimatsu, a female artist who makes pottery in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. While based on the goodness of Bizen ware, it has a soft atmosphere that adds the sensibility unique to women. The earthy texture of the pottery brings a moderate Japanese atmosphere to the dining table.

Japanese expression, Western style

The soil has a gentle atmosphere with a scarlet pattern. Still, the shape of the mug has a slightly Western atmosphere.

The harmony of these opposite poles is somehow a comfortable mug.

Bizen ware makes the taste of coffee mellow

It is said that drinking coffee from a Bizen ware mug makes the taste milder.

Bizen ware is fired using a method called “non-glazed yakishime,” which does not apply glaze to coat the surface. Therefore, a very small amount of water is absorbed by the pottery when the coffee is poured. It is said that this helps to remove the bitterness component and the part called Kado, making the coffee taste mellow.


material pottery
size Diameter about 9.5cm x height about 6cm
capacity about 160ml
weight about 125g
correspondence Microwave oven (◯) / Dishwasher (△)
remarks You can use a microwave oven, but please be careful not to heat it over 600w for a long time, as rapid heating and cooling put a strain on the vessel.

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