Pewter dish 8 sun white

Pewter dish 8 sun white
Pewter dish 8 sun white
Pewter dish 8 sun white
Pewter dish 8 sun white
Pewter dish 8 sun white
Pewter dish 8 sun white
Pewter dish 8 sun white

Pewter dish 8 sun white

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N▶︎400 is a project launched to connect 400 years of Hagi ware to the next 400 years. The design is by JIBITA, a popular gallery in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and the production is by Tenryugama in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is a new form of Hagi ware created by the passion of both parties.

A plate that decorates the leading role of the dining table

It is a plate that plays an active role as a leading role at the daily dining table. The distinctive design is a faithful reproduction of the pewter plate, a tin vessel used in medieval Europe.

The antique atmosphere will brighten up your dining table .

Tenryugama/N▶︎400 Pewter Plate 8 Sun White 3 kinds of garnish for hamburg steak. It was generously packed.

Tenryugama/N▶︎400 8-inch pewter plate white As a platter to share with everyone◎

From 3 textured colors

Available in 3 colors: white, light blue, and green.
It is a color with a good texture that has been selected after testing more than 200 colors .

Tenryugama / N▶︎400 pewter plate

▶︎Pewter plate 8sun light blue
▶︎Pewter plate 8 inch green

Easy to use from 3 sizes

Pewter dish white size comparison

Available in 3 sizes: 5, 6, and 8.
Please check out the others.
▶︎Pewter plate 5sun White
▶︎Pewter plate 6 inch white (sold out)

Pewter dish 8 sun white

material pottery
size Diameter about 23.5cm x height about 2cm
weight about 520g
correspondence Microwave oven (×)/Dishwasher (×)

Since each artist's product is made by hand, there are individual differences in size, shape, and color.

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