4 inch rice bowl finger drawing

4 inch rice bowl finger drawing
4 inch rice bowl finger drawing
4 inch rice bowl finger drawing
4 inch rice bowl finger drawing
4 inch rice bowl finger drawing

4 inch rice bowl finger drawing

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Kuroki Masanobu Kiln

Ontayaki has been handed down from the Edo period by passing down the techniques to only one child. Kuroki Masanobu kiln is one of them.
Because the name of the maker is not engraved on the back due to regional considerations, at first glance it seems difficult to tell who made it. Even so, we feel that Masanobu Kuroki's polite work attracts people's attention and gives off a particularly strong personality.

A wave pattern that makes you feel playful

Kuroki Masanobu Kiln Ontayaki 4-inch rice bowl finger-painted It has a traditional yet cute vibe.

The wave pattern that crosses the vessel is a technique called “finger drawing”. As the name suggests, the pattern is applied using the artist's own fingers. Perhaps because the decorations are made by hand, they have a soft atmosphere and a sense of playfulness . Ontayaki, which is often referred to as folk art, tends to have an image of being “reluctant” or “difficult”, but is there such a cute pottery? It's a rice bowl that makes you rediscover.

A container that can be used every day as a "daily miscellaneous vessel"

Kuroki Masanobu Kiln Ontayaki 4-inch rice bowl It is said to be the most beautiful folk pottery in the world.

One of the charms of Ontayaki, including Kuroki Masanobu kiln, is the affordable price . This is based on the idea of ​​​​"common people's pottery". The 10 kilns that remain today protect the ideas and techniques that have been handed down from ancient times to create pottery for people to use in their daily lives.

That's why the shape of the vessel is also rooted in our lives. This 4-inch rice bowl is a size that is very easy to use for both men and women . In addition, the cream-like and ivory-like color of the clay makes it very well suited to the Japanese dining table, which has its roots in Japanese cuisine.

Kuroki Masanobu Kiln Onta ware 3-inch bean plate candy Finger drawing from the left. Both are traditional Ontayaki techniques.

4 inch rice bowl finger drawing

material pottery
size Diameter about 12.5cm x height about 6cm
weight about 170g
correspondence Microwave oven (○) / Dishwasher (×)

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