flow chopstick rest

flow chopstick rest
flow chopstick rest
flow chopstick rest
flow chopstick rest
flow chopstick rest

flow chopstick rest

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Maki Kanzawa

Maki Kanzawa, who works in a corner of a famous tourist spot in Saitama Prefecture. Inspired by his own childhood experiences, he works on the theme of memory and nostalgia. Mr. Kanzawa's glass is filled with the thought that "I hope people who use it will be able to recall their distant memories."

beautiful glass chopstick rest

Maki Kanzawa flow chopstick rest

Chopstick rest made of handmade glass. It has just the right amount of weight and is stable on the dining table . Just a little attention to your chopstick rests will make your life feel much better.

enchanted by the flow of bubbles

Maki Kanzawa flow chopstick rest “I imagined a river where silk threads flow,” says Kanzawa.

A white foam pattern that looks like trapped flowing water. This is a technique often used for Ryukyu glass, etc., and is based on baking soda.
It is a casual decoration, but the whole movement comes out and you will be enchanted.

Maki Kanzawa flow chopstick rest There is a hollow in the center, so if you put your chopsticks there ◎

flow chopstick rest

material glass
size Diameter about 3cm x height about 1.5cm
weight about 22g
correspondence Dishwasher (×)
Care instructions If it becomes cloudy, soak a cloth in vinegar water diluted about 10 times with water and wipe it off. Alternatively, you can use baking soda or kitchen bleach.

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