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gift wrapping

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original wrapping

KIGOCOCHI original wrapping.

In the deep brown flat bag, we collected moments that felt comfortable, such as “3 MINUTES UNTIL THE SUN SETS”.
The bag is made of non-woven fabric, so the recipient can use it repeatedly.

Homemade rosemary is added to the wood clip that closes the bag.
The fresh scent of rosemary the moment you open the cardboard will make the recipient feel comfortable.

Flow of using wrapping

Gift wrapping order flow

  1. Add the desired product to your cart.
  2. Add "Gift Wrapping" to your cart.
  3. Please confirm that the desired product and gift wrapping are in the cart, and proceed to checkout.

Select message card

Please select the type of message card from the option column.

How to select a message card

If you choose the original message of ②, please write the desired message in the "order memo" after adding it to the cart.

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About the notation of the sender

Don't worry if you don't have a chance to meet the other party in person and want to send the gift directly from us (= direct delivery).

If the name of the orderer and the delivery address are different, we will consider the gift to be sent "directly" and write the name of the orderer in the sender column of the delivery slip.

"Item requested by KIGOCOCHI 〇〇 〇〇"

*The sender address is our company address.

Designation of delivery date and time

You can specify the delivery date and time after 7 days from the order date. Please fill in the date and time you want to specify in the "order memo".

Unless otherwise specified, we will send it to you as soon as possible. If you would like your order to be delivered as soon as possible, please place your order without specifying the date and time.


Q. Will the invoice and receipt be included in the package?
A. It is not included in the package. In principle, we do not include invoices or receipts with all orders in order to go paperless.

Q.I need multiple wrapping bags to give to multiple people.
A. Please purchase the number you need and fill in the details in the order memo. If it is difficult to tell in the order memo, please contact us from the official LINE.

Q.Can I wrap only some of the products I purchase?
A.It is possible. Please indicate in your order notes which items require wrapping.

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