About the product

It depends on the product. Please check the bottom of each product page.

The meaning of the symbols is as follows.

◯ ••• Can be used △ ••• Better to avoid if possible × ••• Cannot be used

Although it is not necessary, it is recommended to seal pottery if possible. Sealing has the effect of preventing stains and cracks.

Porcelain doesn't need to be sealed.

There are also pottery products that are already treated to be water repellent and do not require sealing. In that case, please check it as it is stated on the product page.

1. Prepare rice water. (Wheat flour or potato starch dissolved in water can be used instead.)

2. In a large pot, put rice water and pottery. Add a handful of rice if you want to make it more effective.

3. Bring to a boil over low to medium heat.

4. After boiling for about 15 minutes, turn off the heat.

5. Wait until the pot cools down completely, take out the potter, wash it and dry it well.

1 inch is about 2.54cm.

Some products may or may not be restocked.

Items that have been restocked will be added to the " New / Restocked Page " in order. If you have any individual items that you are interested in, please contact LINE offical account or Email .

Please refer to the following when choosing a size.

Platter (8 inch ~): The main plate at the dining table. You can serve side dishes for multiple people, or serve several kinds of dishes on one plate.

Medium plate (6-7 sun): A versatile size that can be used to serve side dishes for one person or as a serving plate.

Mamezara / Small plate (~5 inch): Not only can it be used as a soy sauce plate, but it is also useful when you want to serve small amounts of cheese, snacks, fruits, etc.

About gift wrapping

A separate product page is available. Please place an order by adding it to the cart together with the desired product.

▶︎ Gift wrapping

*Gift wrapping is not available for orders shipped overseas.

About your order

Only available before shipping. If you contact the LINE official account  or Email, we will respond individually.

However, this does not apply if we determine that it is malicious, such as repeated changes and cancellations multiple times.

Returns and exchanges are possible within 7 days after the product arrives. In the unlikely event that there are any defects in the product, please contact the LINE official account or Email.

*For detailed conditions, please refer to Returns and Exchanges .

There is a possibility that there is a mistake in the spam mail setting or the Email Address.

Please contact us from the LINE official account or by phone (+8190-3287-2548). We will confirm the details of your order.

Only available for gift wrapping. Please fill in the order note displayed in the cart.

In the case of regular orders, we do not accept the designation of the delivery date. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the tracking number for the parcel is included in the shipping completion email, so please contact the shipping company directly.

For shipments outside of Japan, it is not possible to specify an arrival date.

Both are basically not included. If necessary, please indicate so in the "order note" field displayed at the time of ordering.

About delivery and shipping

Regular packing : 990 yen nationwide (Hokkaido 1,600 yen, Okinawa 1,300 yen).

ECO packing : 850 yen nationwide (Hokkaido 1,460 yen, Okinawa 1,160 yen).

In addition, only some small items can be delivered nationwide for 330 yen by Clickpost (Japan Post).

We are sorry, but we do not accept the designation of the delivery company.

We will reuse packing materials such as newspapers and cushioning sheets that are used when products are delivered to our shop from artists.
Except for the use of recycled materials, there is no change from normal packaging, so there is no impact on the product during delivery.

KIGOCOCHI recommends eco-packaging to avoid wasting resources as much as possible. The burden of the shipping fee will be less for the customer, so please take advantage of it.

About payment

Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout. After entering the orderer information and shipping method, you will be directed to the payment information input screen. There is a coupon code entry field there, so enter the code and press the apply button (arrow button).

Finally, after confirming that the discount has been applied on the payment screen, press the payment button to complete the order.

You can choose a payment method from the following.

・Credit card (Visa, Master, JCB, AMEX)
・ID payment (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay)
・Paidy (Deferred payment service)
・Smartphone payment (PayPay, LINE Pay)
・COD (Sagawa Express)


* In the case of COD, a separate cash on delivery fee of 330 yen will be charged.

*Paidy and COD are available only to people living in Japan.

Our shop entrusts payment operations by credit cards, etc. to each payment company, and cannot manage or confirm information other than the customer's payment status (card name, card number, etc.).


For orders that exceed our inventory, please contact the LINE official account or Email individually. We will respond after confirming with the artist.

If you have any other unknown points or questions, please contact the LINE official account or Email.