POP UP "Exhibition of Tableware for Spring" @Fukuoka


Spring preparation vessel exhibition main visual

We have decided to hold a POP UP for the first time in a while!

Face-to-face sales for the first time in about a year and a half.
With the theme of “Tableware for Spring”, we have standard products as well as POP UP limited products.

This is a valuable opportunity for you to actually see and touch our products.

We will introduce the products that will be unveiled during the period on Instagram little by little.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.


"Container Exhibition for Spring Preparation"

○ Date and time
3/18 (Sat) - 3/21 (Tue)
11:00-18:00 (Ends at 17:00 on the last day)

○ Location
NIYOL COFFEE basement space『OOLJEE』
14-21 Sohara, Sawaraku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

○ Artsits
Takuya Ohara
Kazuko Kondo
Noa Seren
Tanaka Fumiya
Nakajima Kiln
Yukihide Nanba
Hamada Ayane
Hirota Glass

*Please note that we are unable to hold or wrap items for you.
*Some works share inventory with the online store.

Introducing some products

- POP UP limited products -

Noa Seren Coffee cup

Selene's Coffee Cup It features "Shinogi" pattern reminiscent of European windows.

Ayane Hamada City animal bowl Bear parent and child

Ayane Hamada City Animal Bowl Parent and Child Bear I can't get enough of the animals' indescribable and silly expressions.

Ayane Hamada City Animal Bowl Parent and Child Bear From two colors of blue and brown.

Momoko Tanabe Monkey plate

Momoko Tanabe Curious Zara Curious plate that seems to make you giggle every time you use it.

- Of course, standard products -

Takuya Ohara

Takuya Ohara Dorabachi Hibiki The popular Shigaraki artsit, Takuya Ohara's "Retsukohiki" series is also available.

Yukihide Namba Round spoon

Yukihide Namba Round Spoon A lovely hand-carved spoon with the warmth of wood and a round shape.

Kimano Pottery Pitcher Fireworks navyblue

Kimano Pottery Pitcher Hanabi Aiguresu A cool pitcher with dynamic fireworks.

Guide to the underground exhibition space

This time, we are renting the basement space of NIYOL COFFEE in Sohara, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka City. It is a nice cafe located about 10 minutes on foot from Nishijin Station on the subway Kuko Line.

You can't enter the underground space named "OOLJEE" from inside the store, so you have to go around the outside of the store to reach the entrance.

NIYOL COFFEE store exterior

This is the exterior of NIYOL COFFEE. Walk to the right towards the shop.

NIYOL COFFEE exhibition space directions

There is a path leading to the stairs in front of the telephone pole, so please go down. It's a little steep, so be careful.

NIYOL COFFEE exhibition space directions

NIYOL COFFEE exhibition space directions

Go down the stairs and walk left for about 30m to reach the entrance to the exhibition space.

After enjoying the exhibition, take a short break at the upper cafe. Not only is the coffee and other drinks delicious, but the space created by the owner, Mr. Ochi, is really comfortable.

NIYOL COFFEE coffee and pudding Coffee with a clear taste. Really delicious. Pudding is also recommended.

NIYOL COFFEE store interior The shop is lined with plants and objects selected by the owner, Mr. Ochi. It's a very relaxing space.

NIYOL COFFEE store interior It's getting warmer little by little, so shakes are also good.

NIYOL COFFEE Signboard The store name "NIYOL" means "breeze" in Indian language.

A new season is coming soon. We hope that you will visit us while feeling the arrival of spring.