We have started handling Ayane Hamada's vessels!

This time, we have started handling Ayane Hamada's vessels!

Mr. Hamada is a young artist who has set up his own atelier since April 2022 and is working hard to create pottery. It features cute animals that relax the mind and delicate decorations around them.

Ayane Hamada

This time, we asked for two series, "City Animal" and "Red Earth Animal Square Plate". Although both are animal-themed, they are different.

The City Animal Series is a container with the theme of animals that live like humans . It depicts how he enjoys his daily life, such as wearing a tie and wearing a sweater. It is a city animal that is not a city boy that was named from such a situation.

Ayane Hamada City Animal Series

Cute, yet somewhat modern. And yet I chuckle. Please pay attention to such places.

On the other hand, the red clay animal square plate is characterized by its naturalness, which depicts the animals living in the forest as they are. They look like they are living freely in the wild, and are drawn with the motif of the animals that live in Mt. Yatsugatake.

Of course, in this series as well, you can see Hamada's unique way of drawing animals, such as a wolf that looks like a parent and child getting along well, and a squirrel family that can be seen in the middle of a family meeting.

Hamada Ayane red clay animal square plate

Mr. Hamada's pottery is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you take it out of the cupboard. Please check it.

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