Frappe and coffee glasses from Hirota Glass have arrived!


From Hirota Glass, cool glassware that is perfect for the hot summer has arrived!

Founded in 1899 (Meiji 32), Hirota Glass is one of the oldest glass makers in Tokyo, continuing for about 120 years. Based on the design materials that have been handed down since the company's founding, the company continues to create nostalgic yet modern glassware with a touch of modern essence.

Hirota Glass Snow Flower Frappe Ancient Color Served with the customary cherries

This is a frappe from the snow flower series. The highlight is the retro-modern design that makes you feel like you've slipped back in time to a coffee shop in the Showa era . It can be used not only for ice cream, but also for shaved ice and mini parfaits.

▶︎Snow Flower Frappe Ancient Color

Hirota Glass Showa Modern Coffee Byron Glass Amber Color I just want to take pictures.

Next is the BYRON glass amber color from the Showa modern coffee series. The Showa Modern Coffee series is a reprint of the cafe glasses that were popular in coffee shops in the 1960s . It features an exquisite retro color that is as close as possible to the time, and a heavy feeling that can withstand being used in a coffee shop.

The amber color that feels analog atmosphere can be enjoyed even in the color of the shadows. Doesn't the orange shadow cast on the table look like a sunset?

▶︎ Showa Modern Coffee BYRON glass amber color

Hirota Glass Reprinted Soy Sauce Dispenser Tortoise Shell It didn't really drip.

The last is a reproduction soy sauce dispenser. Colors and forms that make you feel nostalgic. Come to think of it, I feel like I've seen it at my grandma's dining table...that kind of gentle atmosphere.

In fact, this reprinted soy sauce jar is a masterpiece that created the standard for soy sauce jars in Japan . In the 1970s, Hirota Glass developed an epoch-making product called the "non-drip soy sauce dispenser", inspired by the leak-proof mechanism of drip bottles used in experiments. He created a new standard with a screw-type lid, which was the mainstream soy sauce jar with a screw-type lid at the time.

▶︎Reprinted soy sauce jar, tortoise shell

We also have a lot of cool glassware in stock. Please find a partner to get through the hot summer together.

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