Gakuni Masui's rice bowls and plates have arrived!


Gakuji Masui arrival information cover

Several types of rice bowls and plates by Gakuji Masui, who is made in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, have arrived.

This time too, we have received a cool container that makes full use of the individuality of the clay and glaze.

Among them, one push is a rice bowl .
The roughness of the soil is used to create a vessel that can be enjoyed from any angle with a different expression. The size is slightly larger than a general rice bowl.

From its appearance and size, this rice bowl is recommended for men who love white rice ! (Of course, women who like white rice are also welcome.)

Gakuni Masui (Mizunoue Kiln) rice bowl
▶︎Rice bowl Toshunji soil (ash glaze)

In addition, the plates and mugs are all cool.
This time, Mr. Masui has delivered mainly pottery made from soil collected from the mountain behind Toshunji Temple, where Mr. Masui has his kiln.

Gaku Masui Mizunokami kiln studio view

Compared to the pottery that used Doshunji soil from the previous shipment, it has a lighter finish and is even more comfortable to use .

It looks cool and is easy to use.
Please take a look at Mr. Masui's pottery!

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