I delivered it to cafe <bound>.


The other day, I got a chance to visit the newly opened gallery cafe <bound> in Tenjin, Fukuoka, and delivered coffee cups.

Bound is a gallery café with the concept of "The heart bounces, the conversation bounces, the feeling bounces. "

Enjoy the art, the space, and the conversation without being formal, with a cup of carefully poured coffee or a special sake in one hand. I want to be able to enjoy such a time at any time, not just for today.

It is a playground for adults with such thoughts.

Inside the gallery cafe bound It is a space where you can enjoy coffee and alcohol.

Inside the gallery cafe bound You can enjoy conversation and art without being pretentious.

This time, we delivered "Cup Ribobi" by Takuya Ohara. He found our shop when he was looking for a coffee cup that perfectly matched the tension of the space.

bound store

︎Cup Rippohiki

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Takei, the owner, and Mr. Touya, who was in charge of creating the space of the shop and actually found our shop.

bound store A photo from the opening reception.

"bound" is a place where you can enjoy art, coffee and alcohol without being pretentious. If you live nearby, please visit us once.


  • Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuo Ward Watanabe Street 5-25-11 Zaitsu Building 2F
  • 1 minute walk from Exit 6 of Tenjin Minami Subway Station
  • Business hours (tentative): 11:00 - 23:00
  • Phone number: 092-707-1190
  • Instagram: bouna.floor

Gallery cafe bound