We started eco-packaging! A little cheaper shipping.


Eco packaging column cover

KIGOCOCHI has introduced "eco-packaging" as a new packing option.

On the shipping method selection screen, you can select either standard packaging or eco packaging.

So what is eco-packaging? It's a story, but it's easy to say, ′′ we use recycled materials for packing It's going to be.

When the artist delivers the vessel to our store, it is carefully packed to prevent damage. The packing method varies depending on the artist. It's a bubble wrap, a buffer sheet, and a newspaper.

In eco-packaging, we reuse these packing materials to wrap our customers' products. Except for the use of recycled materials, there is no change from normal packaging, so there is no impact on the product during delivery.

Moreover, the shipping fee that the customer bears will be a little profitable .

・Normal packing 990 yen nationwide (Hokkaido 1,600 yen/Okinawa 1,300 yen)
Eco-packaging nationwide uniform 850 yen (Hokkaido 1,460 yen/Okinawa 1,160 yen)

It's nothing but good news for the environment, for our customers, and for us.

As a point of caution, this is not a push at all, so of course you can still choose normal packaging as before! As long as you can use it as one of the options! !