[Father's Day] Includes a limited message card.


KIGOCOCHI has prepared a limited-edition message card for Father's Day on 6/19 (Sun).

It may be easier to convey the feeling of gratitude that is difficult to express on a daily basis if you put it in a message. Why don't you give it with the gift of the vessel?

A message card can be enclosed free of charge.

Message cards are available free of charge.
If you wish, please add "[Father's Day Exclusive] Gift Wrapping" to your cart and place an order.

You can choose the contents of the card from the prescribed "common message" or the "original message" that can be freely set within 50 characters.

The original message must be 50 characters or less. Even a few words are enough to convey your thoughts.
Please fill in the message content in the order memo in the cart .

Father's Day Special Gift Wrapping Message Card
↑ This is a common message.

All products can be wrapped.

All KIGOCOCHI products can be wrapped.
Coffee-loving fathers would like mugs, and alcohol-loving fathers would like cups and small plates for snacks.

Father's Day Special Gift Wrapping Message Card

We will send you an image like this.
If you have a large number of items, we will divide the bag into multiple bags and wrap it.

Detailed ordering method

"[Father's Day Exclusive] Gift Wrapping" is available in the "Give a Gift" category.

Father's Day gift wrapping message card

Please select the delivery address and message card contents from the option column and add it to the cart.

Father's Day gift wrapping message card

If you select "Original message", please write your message in the order memo in the cart.

Father's Day gift wrapping message card

If you have any questions about how to order, please contact us from the official LINE.

About specifying the delivery date

[Father's Day only] Gift wrapping allows you to specify the delivery date.
Delivery is possible not only on the day of Father's Day, but also on the schedule before and after that.
However, please note that orders must be placed by Thursday, June 16th for delivery on Father's Day .

Please indicate your desired delivery date in the order memo.
*Unless otherwise specified, it will usually arrive in 2-3 days.