Arrived on Mother's Day! We have prepared limited wrapping.


Mother's Day gift wrapping image

Hello. I'm the owner.
Mother's day this year is 5/8 (Sun).

Ladies and gentlemen, have you decided what to give to your mother who always takes care of you?

From the royal carnation,
Even the slightly more expensive sweets can make you wonder what to buy.

We are a pottery shop, so of course we recommend "gifting a pottery".
"It remains as a form" is good after all.
It makes me happy to see that you like it and use it often.

So, we have prepared a limited wrapping for those who say, "I'm going to give you a container for Mother's Day."

If you place your order by 23:59 on May 2 (Monday) , we will arrange for it to arrive on Mother's Day.
Of course, you can also specify the delivery date on your favorite day, even if it is not on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day gift wrapping image

I will wrap it with all my heart so that everyone's thoughts can be conveyed.
We are waiting for your order.